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Our Seas Our Future

Our Seas Our Future is a dedicated organization committed to coastal and marine conservation advocacy, as well as community engagement projects in New Zealand. Tasked with designing various banners and logos for their website, brands, and campaigns, my objective was to encapsulate the essence of their mission through vibrant and meaningful visuals. Incorporating a palette inspired by the coastal environment, the colors chosen aimed to evoke a sense of connection to the sea and nature. By intertwining elements reflective of their commitment to sustainability, the designs not only showcased the organization's dedication to marine conservation but also resonated with the community. The final outcome seamlessly blended aesthetics with purpose, providing Our Seas Our Future with a visual identity that harmoniously represented their vital role in preserving New Zealand's coastal and marine ecosystems.


OSOF brands include More Marine Reserves™, Sustainable Seafood Now™, Plastic Free New Zealand™, and Climate Action Now™. These brands encompass some of the big issues facing our oceans, both locally and globally. 



OSOF campaigns focus on engaging local communities in taking care of their coastal and marine environment. With initiatives such as coastal clean-up events, educational programmes, and the use of social media, we partner with local community groups and organisations to deliver core conservation values to the wider community. 

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